Shakira Waka Waka FIFA World Cup 2010

Shakira Waka Waka FIFA World Cup 2010 Theme Song YouTube Video.  Latina singing sensation Shakira sang the song Waka Waka for the opening ceremony of the 2010 World Cup.  The song was a tribute to the African people in addition to those from her native Colombia. Why Colombia?

The chorus of Waka Waka is in Fang, a Cameroonian language.  The words come from a song that was made popular during the 1980’s, and those in Colombia and throughout Latin America and the world partied to the song, as it was more or less a dance song.

Not sure what Waka Waka means? The words mean “do it” as in a task.  We have more in depth meaning of what the song means available here.

Shakira’s performance was a great way to kick off the multicultural World Cup tournament.  There are so many people from so many countries, it’s a great cumulation of thoughts, ideas, and ways of life.

So who will win the World Cup? During the star studded opening ceremony of the World Cup soccer tournament that wasn’t really on anyone’s mind…the music and performances were much, much better.