Wooing Hispanic voters, McCain starts Spanish-language website

On Cinco de Mayo, John McCain reached out yesterday to Hispanic voters, launching a Spanish-language campaign website and acknowledging that the harsh anti-immigration tone during the Republican primaries harmed his party's image among Latinos.
The Arizona senator championed an overhaul of immigration laws, including a path to citizenship, but the package failed to get through Congress. Under attack from GOP rivals who called him too lenient on illegal immigration, McCain declared that Americans would not back reform until the borders are secure.

US Latino voters come of age

In 2006, as a debate over immigration reform was raging in the US, the country's Latino voters played a major role in helping the Democratic Party regain control of the US Congress.

And, in recent months, Latinos have also played a pivotal role in helping the Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton stay in the race against her rival Barack Obama, contributing to her impressive victory in California on Super Tuesday and playing a major role in her victory a month later in Texas.