Ricky Martin in Cambodia to raise awareness about human trafficking

SIEM REAP, Cambodia: Ricky Martin met with victims of sexual exploitation Saturday during a visit to Cambodia to promote the fight against human trafficking.
Martin held infants and listened to a 14-year-old rape victim's song during his visit to a shelter in the northwestern city of Siem Reap, home of the famed Angkor temples.
"She sings like an angel," Martin said after the girl finished a song she composed about the plight of trafficking victims.

Migrant and Immigrant conference looks at health care, economics

It was a chance to hear different ideas about a very complex issue.
That's what some attendees of the 2008 Migrant and Immigrant Health in Rural Pennsylvania Conference had to say Tuesday.
About 50 people are attending the two-day conference, which continues today at the Gettysburg Hotel on Lincoln Square. It was the sixth annual conference hosted by the Pennsylvania Office of Rural Health, the state departments of Health and Agriculture and the Penn State Outreach and Cooperative Extension.


October predictions faded long ago

WASHINGTON -- At a breakfast with national political reporters five months ago, Sen. Hillary Clinton's senior strategist, Mark Penn, felt confident enough to predict she could win 24% of female Republican voters in the fall general election.

Rivals ridiculed the exactness of the claim, or doubted its accuracy. Critics saw it as a sign of overconfidence. Illinois Sen. Barack Obama -- still a long shot with a memorably eloquent speech to his name -- said Clinton was like President George W. Bush because both had prematurely declared, "Mission accomplished."


McCain touts economic credentials

LOS ANGELES (AFP) — Republican presidential candidate John McCain Tuesday laid out his credentials for managing the economy, an area Democrats hope to expose as a weakness in November's general election.
McCain said he would examine every potential solution to the mortgage crisis which is threatening to spill over into a recession -- but would stop short of calling for immediate government intervention.
"I will not play election year politics with the housing crisis," McCain was to say according to an advance copy of his remarks to Hispanic business leaders in California.

Don Dinero's view on politics

Check out Don Dinero's new music video on Politics!

Richardson: 'I am very loyal to the Clintons'

(CNN) -- Facing fire from some fellow Democrats for his decision to endorse Sen. Barack Obama, Gov. Bill Richardson said Sunday he still considers himself loyal to the family that helped make his political career.

"I am very loyal to the Clintons. I served under President Clinton. But I served well. And I served the country well. And he gave me that opportunity," Richardson told "Fox News Sunday."
"But you know ... it shouldn't just be Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton," he said.
Richardson was secretary of energy under the Clinton administration, a post that helped bring him to national prominence and win the governorship of New Mexico in 2002.
Richardson, who abandoned his presidential bid January 10, endorsed Obama on Friday as the Democratic nominee. He called Sen. Hillary Clinton Thursday to tell her of his decision, Clinton's campaign said.


It's time to get involved!!!

It's time for the latinos to get educated on politics. Pay attention to the political race. This affects all of us; this should be our time to voice our opinions while the politicians are listening. If we do not speak up, they will never know what affects us in our communities. We need to make our presence felt; let them know that we care about our country's future. That's right - OUR COUNTRY!

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Stereotypes and Politics (Hispanic/Latino View)

I thought this was an interesting video to share.

Barack Obama's Speech on Race

The Latino Vote

We are not criminals!

While perhaps not the defining issue this primary season, the often acrimonious immigration debate could lead to higher than average Hispanic voter turnout. more info