IU Latino Studies graduates its first cohort of students

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- The first cohort of undergraduate students enrolled in the Latino Studies minor at Indiana University Bloomington are set to graduate on May 3.
Four students in the program are scheduled to graduate next month with three additional students planning to graduate later in the year. The program's 15-credit hour minor was launched in fall 2006, and it now has 22 students with a declared minor.

Students and faculty in the IU Latino Studies Program recognized graduating seniors at a banquet last week. The program has four seniors graduating in May 2008.

Arlene Diaz, interim director of the Latino Studies Program, associate professor in history and director of undergraduate studies for the history department, said the program helps students have a better understanding of the Latino culture.

Hot spot for illegal immigration

Ethnic tension in Arizona is high. Hispanics are ducking in fear of racial profiling as public officials fire at each other over how to control illegal immigration. Headline-grabbing Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio recently staged “crime sweeps” in Hispanic neighborhoods in Phoenix and Guadalupe in search of illegal immigrants. Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon warned Arpaio’s “made-for-TV stunts” could lead to “shouting matches, confrontations or worse” and asked for a federal civil rights investigation.

Honor Roberto Clemente by retiring his jersey

Clemente died on a relief mission to earthquake-ravaged Nicaragua on Dec. 31, 1972, while personally supervising the delivery of supplies to his suffering Hispanic brothers and sisters after the first plane load of supplies had been looted. His untimely death occurred during the Christmas holiday season, a time of the year that Puerto Ricans refrain from business and travel and focus on important things like faith and family. Clemente could not stand to watch the people of Nicaragua suffer, so he capitalized on his celebrity, as he had just won the 1971 World Series for the Pittsburgh Pirates by practically single-handedly defeating the Baltimore Orioles.

Juanes Rocks the Vote

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